From Kathy, allotment holder:

This weekend, I put compost on my bed. It was homemade in my own garden from veg waste in my kitchen. I tossed it out onto the bed and spread it around. I was amazed to see the amount of tea bag bags partially decomposed, although the compost was 6 months old.  Note to self: Shake the tea out of the bags, placing the tea in the compost and the bags in the brown bin. They do decompose eventually.

I also started the preparations for the wild flower area. When I raked back the grass I was amazed to see so many small plants struggling under the carpet of tangled grass. I think I will strim back the grass ruthlessly and have a better look at what is there before buying in seed.


Spring showing. Plants emerging from under the grass cover.

photo 1

Compost & tea-bags.

From Tom, allotment holder:

“I have been working three beds in a rotation system.  I harvested main crop potatoes out of one in late September and then sowed green manure in it. Then in mid December I dug that in (having to stop mid job after finding a wasps nest under the wooden edging, which I had to get rid of!) and planted garlic and onions for over-wintering.  In a second bed I had early potatoes and now I still have leeks and celery and celeriac which I planted after the potatoes came out and we have been using on a weekly basis. I would hope to have this bed empty by March for the new season.  The last bed had onions and garlic in it earlier in the year and now there is a second crop of Russian kale, purple spouting broccoli, mixed rainbow chard and autumn carrots, again which we have been eating regularly all over the winter months.  This has meant that I have had fresh vegetables all year other than the ‘hungry gap’ probably from March until June when the new early crops come on stream again”

From Ursula, allotment holder:

‘Pruning the gooseberries this year definitely came under the heading of a Chore rather than a job – they were in a terrible condition. Unfortunately we had covered them too closely and the netting hadn’t been removed  so all the branches had become entwined both in the netting and curled around on themselves. I probable ended up cutting back more than would normally be recommended so here’s hoping that we get even a small crop this season. All the weeds have been removed and they have been fed. The work was finished before the real cold spell came in so hopefully they have acclimatised’.