Weeds in your garden are wildflowers in a different location. There are many wildflowers/weeds in the RTE allotment.

Dandelions, creeping cinquefoil (very pretty but extremely invasive), ragwort!, at least two types of thistle, dock, plantain, scutchgrass, hawkweed (I like them), buttercup (not too much), nettles, willowherb, shepherds purse, brunel, small coltsfoot, cowslips, the list goes on.  Getting to know your weeds can also inform you about the quality of your soil. On the allotment there is no sign of the weeds of poor soil, like bindweed or mares tail. Some garden flowers became weeds – the borage in my plot two years ago became weeds to other gardeners last year! We also saw love-in-a-mist (not sown by us) and a small variegated nasturtium.

There is no need to take a total extermination view.   There must always be room for wildflowers in and around an organic garden, for example to attract beneficial insects.