Family events kept me away from the allotment this weekend, but I had time on Sunday evening to do a quick inventory of what is growing at the moment. In the lovely weather in the middle of April we were all out planting seedlings. The ensuing cold weeks did away with the beans, but it was pleasing to see that everything else is doing well, although growth is slow due to the lower temperatures. Potatoes are coming up nicely, there are various cabbages, onions, garlic, broad beans, beetroot, fennel, radishes, beetroot  and even some courgettes under a giant homemade cloche.   The birds have been a bit of a nuisance for the cabbage growers and we hide cabbage and other tender greens under netting and in a large netted cage. The broadbeans were also sown under netted tunnelling. In the greenhouse we already have some small tomato plants and what looks like a cucumber? The apples and the blackcurrants are in bloom and there are 5 big buds in the artichoke which will soon be for the pot! With the grass cut, our recently erected shed and a new picnic bench behind the apple trees are looking great. Here are some pictures. The Cycle against Suicide event at RTE had just concluded and you can see the marquis on the green in front of the allotment in one of the photos. 10 May 2015