The wonderful guys and girls at GIY Headquarters publish regular newsletters with growing tips, recipes and other news for beginning, intermediate and advanced vegetable growers.

Please see the link to their May newsletter here, with a nice article on the ‘Give Peas a Chance’ initiative.

GIY International May News 2015

On the subject of ‘Give Peas a Chance’:  I also received my cup of earth and 5 or 6 marrowfat peas and brought it into the office. From now on I’m going to bring all my seeds to work! Not only did they germinate twice as fast as the peas I had already sown at home, they very quickly grew into nice, tasty looking pea shoots.  I had intended to bring them home to eat, but one of my colleagues thought that was cruelty to peas and she has adopted them to grow on in her garden! Mission accomplished, and three cheers for GIY!

Love peas at work