“We bought a small petrol lawnmower with our GIY/AIB grant monies and this has been a great addition to the allotment meaning the whole space feels a lot tidier and more manageable. Its quite a nice job mowing the grass as you can see the improvement in the appearance of the plot so quickly.  We also bought a picnic bench which is another great addition to the plot.  Recently I have had to spend a lot of time weeding my onion and garlic bed. It is planted with organic onion sets and garlic bulbs produced in west Cork and sold by an Irish online company called Quickcrop. The bed is a new one put in last year and unfortunately the grass around the edges is very invasive, so it is a constant battle to keep it down. Next year I am going to invest in, what looks to be a great Irish product, called a Grow Grid, which is a large semi permeable mat of weed control fabric with planting holes punched for the plants, which will hopefully reduce the weeding work massively.  My new potatoes (Orlas) are coming on well and some of my main crop are also coming up (Setanta and Sarpo Mira).  I will have to earth them up over the next few weeks. I also have some space left in my beds for brassicas or maybe squashes.”