The weather last week has been cold and growth has been slow.  New plants ready to go out are still held up in the greenhouse or on the windowsill.  Hopefully it will start to warm up now, especially at night.   Plenty to do – as you can see from the suggested to-do list for June published by our friends at GIY International in their GIY International June News 2015 (Click for link)

To do List June

  • Watering and weeding duties step up a notch – the tunnel/greenhouse in particular will require a good deal of water from now on. Watch the weather and water outside as required. Water in the morning if possible.
  • Add a good dressing of mulch around plants to reduce moisture loss and keep down weeds.
  • Continue to earth-up potato plants to prevent the spuds becoming green.
  • It’s time to get really seriously vigilant with your tomato plants – mulch, water and continue to remove side shoots that appear in the leaf axils. Train the plants carefully on strings or strong canes.
  • If gooseberry and red current bushes are very leafy, start summer pruning by shortening back the new growth.
  • Tie up beans and peas to stop them falling over – mature pea plants become like a
  • canopy and could take off in the wind, bound for next door’s garden.
  • Stake everything that grows tall – raspberries, peas, beans, tomatoes etc.
  • Net soft fruit against birds – it’s worth the effort. They will eat your entire crop practically overnight if you let them.
  • Thin beetroot in rows to single plants – for large roots space about 10 cm apart – for mini-beets space at 3 cm. Eat the leaves in salads – but sparingly.