The low temperatures and dry wind of the last month had delayed progress for some of the vegetables on the allotment. Beans and peas were held up or got stressed, spinach bolted nearly straightaway. Some of the potato leaves look a bit anaemic, where others are fine and healthy. Hope to be able to report soon on which varieties they are!
Luckily there are crops for every kind of weather, so there is plenty of good news too.
I just harvested the last of my giant radishes. They’re the size of large parsnips and I had only sown them in April! I finally came across a recipe for a kind of coleslaw with grated radish, carrot and cut up gherkins that suits people who like to grow radishes but are not too fond of eating them.

The broad beans are ripening and I read somewhere that you should cut the tops once fruit has set. This prevents blackfly and the article said they (the tops, not the blackfly) are very tasty. Have to eat my bolted pakchoi first, but those bean tops are next on the menu.

This ground is great for onions and there are lots of good-sized ones standing 3/4 above ground, enjoying the good drying. I planted my sets a bit too deep, so they’re not showing above ground yet. However, I pulled one up tonight out of curiosity and it’s huge – hurray!

We always have herbs here at RTE – Rosemary, thyme, sage, bayleaf, mint. The lavender is in full bloom and I picked a nice little bunch tonight to hang upside down in a corner. The bees love those flowers too.

There are fruits on the tomatoes in the greenhouse and a fine crop of blackcurrants ripening under the netting that Joe put up. Come on Summer!