Of course this is not the best summer of all, but hey, this is Ireland. Hope I will remember next year not to rely so much on growing stuff that does best above18 degrees, ideally above 20 degrees.  A few weeks ago I planted 4 squashes and a courgette in my plot and so far not a fruit to be seen! Looking jealously at prolifically fruiting plants in neighbouring plots gave me the idea to put the large plastic cloche over two of my plants to see if shelter will give results. Fingers crossed.

The runner beans didn’t grow much greenery, but they do have plenty of flowers.  I just read that ‘beans should not see the May’, meaning that they should not be planted out too early. Also something to remember for next year!  Luckily there are plenty of vegetables that grow really well in cooler weather, I had good broad beans and just harvested and froze the last of them. Lettuce in the garden at home has been trouble free. I have celeriac coming along and at home I have all my winter cabbages planted. I have a few left to put in the spot vacated by the broad beans.



The red straggly plant in the photograph is orach, a variety of spinach with beautiful red leaves.  This one came up as a volunteer in the allotment.  It comes up freely in my raised beds at home from plants I had grown from seed last year.  The tops of the young plant are nice in a salad, and the bigger leaves can be picked and used as spinach.  I like the red colour in amongst the green and snails and slugs don’t seem to go for red leaves.