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Since we cut back the long grass and raked away the matted dead stuff, small flowers have begun to surface.  Lots of clover, both red and white, various vetchlings, bird’s foot trefoil, silverweed, cinquefoil, different meadow grasses, and more.  We continue to rake and clear the ground, without interfering with the flowers.  The aim is to keep it natural and , of course, save on work.  Too much work is never worth it!  The flowers will come naturally anyhow, regardless of the amount of work we put into it.  It is lovely to watch the amazing rewards for a little effort.


I have been allowing some produce to go to seed for the experiment as much as anything.  Off course, before seeds come lovely flowers, and the bees love them.  I noticed that they are particularly fond of leek flowers!  So the last of the year’s leeks are coming into flower now.  I also have sunflowers, which I grow for birdseed.  Ladybirds abound on these magnificent blossoms, and indeed on the stems and leaves also.  Fennel seeds are lovely in cooking, and it is in flower at the moment – large umbels of yellow, regularly visited by pollinators.